wee wednesday: cosy umbrella

we are heading home, i mean to portland, for thanksgiving and i couldn't be more thrilled or just plain over the moon excited.  november is typically crazy-rainy in portland, so it only seems fitting to think of umrellas. which is perfect, because today is wee wednesday and i found this most perfect umbrella of all...

bobo choses is responsible for this sweater and i do belive that my little ones each need one of their very own!  you should also take the time to peruse the entire bobo choses site...adorable clothing for children, that is anything but predictable.  

i so hope you are going to be enjoying this holiday with loved ones and stuffing your beautiful faces with decadent goodies.  i may pop in tomorrow or i simply may take the rest of the week off to simply be thankful...unpredictable and mysterious, that's me.  xo mrs. french

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