a blissful gift list...

oh my...starting oh so late today!  we spent the morning getting my b's tonsils out!  he is such a trooper...handling so much better than any adult i know.

i promise, it is worth the wait.  as you may have noticed, i have a list of lovely sponsors to your right.  i am so incredibly proud to have each and every one of them on my little blog.  this time of year i am especially appreciative. i do believe i could shower each and every person on my gift list in items from my beloved sponsors...hopefully you could too...

1. green stud earrings 2. rustic wood necklace

3. tea towels from denmark 4. fika cups 

5. alice des clayes painting 6. vintage mother goose village

7. piñata party dress 8. dance party dress

9. blue vintage metal clock 10. goat's milk lotion

11. what sarah said earrings 12. copper wide cuff

13. floppy brim hat 14. salmagundi

15. gold peacock earrings 16. infinity bracelet

17. varie bracelet 18. aval kelp earrings 

19. vintage horseshoe bangle 20. crossed arrows necklace

21. aqua chalcedony, red garnet and sterling silver necklace 22. hammered brass earrings

23. stacking ring band set 24. druzy necklace

25. grain sack table runner 26. milk glass lamp

27. wondering about wandering print 28. in the madness tote

29. deep bowl set 30. board trivet


have a festive weekend friends! xo mrs. french

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