the work of lee jeffries

i have grown accustomed to coming across stunning images...since i started this little blog of mine, i have been lucky enough to see many things that stop me in my tracks.  i am rarely surprised by the talent i now see on a daily basis.  however, at this particular moment i am completely surprised and i can't seem to stop thinking about lee jeffries and his jaw-dropping, thought provoking portraits. mr. jeffries started his true photographic journey after a brief encounter with a homeless girl huddled in a doorway.  he snapped a photo and the girl took offense...rather than turning away, he opted to sit a carry on a conversation with her.  her story touched much so that he continued to talk to homeless folks and truly listen to their stories.  his compassion and understanding comes through in each photo...I am humbled by lee jeffries' work...

i want to know the stories.  lee's photos have me craving information, i want to know what each of these little people have been through and i want to make it better.  i suppose lee jeffries is also a humanitarian; imagine if everyone that glimpsed his work wanted to make it better and actually did....just a thought.

xo mrs. french

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