gramercy eight

rebecca lewis is someone i just happened to bump into in this beautiful/creative world we are surrounded by.  it's funny how that happens, one day you have a chance encounter and the next you are changed a little because of it.

originally i was drawn to rebecca because of her insanely beautiful jewelry...and then through etsy conversations i became a fan for so many more reasons.

many time artists become artists because of life experience...something becomes unlocked for one reason or another.  rebecca's reason came from what most would consider a tragedy.  she had a remarkable fall...30 feet to be exact.  a fall from this height could have broken her tiny body forever...but through strength, some amazing medical professionals and what i am assuming is a huge amount of support from friends and family, rebecca was put back together again.  

she broke her back and was given a new one...

her x-rays say more than my words could.

what does this have to do with with her ability to create beautiful items i cannot imagine going without?  before the big fall rebecca drew..the fall took her ability to do so away.  besides learning to walk and get on with daily life, she found herself longing to create.  her mother gave her some cord and rebecca started making friendship bracelets...she did not feel fully satisfied with bracelets so she began researching new techniques and the "light" came on.  i could try to explain it, but her words seem to do it in the most proper way:

"Between learning to walk again, and letting go temporarily of 'my life' to re build the foundation of myself- creating this jewelry has been my light. My one thing to look forward to besides a far off time of being 'healed'."

you see i had to share her story and it is my pleasure to share to share the light rebecca found for herself...

beautiful right?  i swear i can see the strength.  gramercy eight (named for the street where she fell and the hospital floor she spent so much time on) has quickly become one of my very favorite etsy shops for so many reasons. 

so priviledged to have met this little rockstar...

xo mrs. french