cook-worthy kitchen

hidee ho!  there is a reason ms. tina is the food gal here on bliss...besides being an incredibly talented photographer, she can really cook...seriously cook!  sadly, i cannot.  ok, i can cook, but not like tina...when i do cook, there is absolutely no way i would ever want to take a photo of my creation and trust me, you would have no interest in seeing it.

i refuse to blame myself, i choose to blame the fact that my kitchen doesn't look like this...

ok, maybe not, but i am going to use it as an excuse, so i can start posting soon truly cook-worthy kitchens.  

i do hope you love the first one...crazy thing is, is that this one does not reside in a stunning abode it resides in the studio of fuzzco; a digital agency.  gorgeous right? 

come back this afternoon for some of tina's deliciousness!

xo mrs. french

via seesaw designs

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