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i have gotten used to bumping into the same faces around town.  You see, i now live in a relatively small town and it simply happens all the it weird that i now find myself running into the same houses here in this big old world of blogging/pinning?  

it's nice to bump into a friendly face, it's equally nice bumping into a favorite home.  remember this one?  Fritz (the deer of course) was the big tip off...then it all came back to me;  this home belongs to vanessa patridge, the owner of a nothing less than lovely floristry shop called prunella.  i had originally glimpsed vanessa's house in the australian publication country style.  Then today i was perusing one of my very favorites, the design files, and there it was again!  Which led me to designer, Chelsea Hing's site (she helped make this home what it is.)...are you following?  Regardless, here is Vanessa's country home looking all fabulous... 

i had to post the rest of the story, you see?  i have to say that i think i love it even more than before (if that's possible!).

xo mrs. french

via the design files 

photographed for the design files by nik epifanidis

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