n.d.c. made by hand

i can't think of a better way to tie up a week than by showing you some truly amazing handmade shoes...

for me:

for mr. french:

n.d.c. was created by two friends, Arnaud Zannier and Enrique Corbi in 2001.  each had been in the shoe business for years and were eager to distance themselves from the corporate way of doing things; create shoes that are truly timeless and beautifully constructed.

"The brand name n.d.c.-nom de code/code name- reflects their conviction that the strength of the brand is the product itself, where simplicity, quality, originality, and constructional know-how are king.  They believe in style, in class, in strong personality, in understated grace, in subtle humour, in traditionand evolution, in fusion and harmony, but above all, in individuality."

my shoes seem completely unworthy.  

xo mrs. french

*read more about n.d.c. here and buy the magic shoes here or here


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