retrouvius guest quarters

i am not sure how i feel about the whole guest thing.  often times it feels strange being a guest and in some cases, a bit awkward for me to accept someone into my space.  i guess that's it. it's a matter of space.  somehow, i have to believe that being or receiving a guest in a separate dwelling such as this re-furbished barn would change things greatly...

this guest house would do quite nicely as well...

retrouvius, does guest quarters in just the right way.  an architectural salvage and interior design firm in london that hits every nail on the head.  obviously, each brick, each board, each architectural element is chosen with a specific purpose, or vision in mind; creating a space that is warm, inviting and so special...a home away from home.  the perfect way to welcome a guest or be welcomed as one.

xo mrs. french

all photos take from the retrouvius site, originally spotted on desire to inspire

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