factory to home

i am always amazed by living spaces converted from industrial spaces...especially when the end result is light, bright, and completely livable.  andrea falkner campi and her husband feliciano converted a dilapidated silkworm factory outside of perugia into a pretty much perfect home/workspace.  

andrea, through clippings from interior design magazines had one person in mind for the challenge: Italian architect, artist and designer paola navone...a skeptic in the beginning, paola visited the factory and changed her mind.  i am so happy she did.  the result is just too good...

i am most amazed by the way the tile is intricately emebedded in the wood floors and how perfectly it all harmonizes with the brick and exposed beams...the floor to ceiling windows don't hurt either.  

xo mrs. french

via elle decoration uk

photos: wichmann + bendtsen

styling: helle walsted

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