wee wednesday with lindsay of darling clementine: little hand painted eggs

Personally, I am not a religious person, nor a big holiday celebrating (bah humbug yes I know) but when I had my daughter I realized holidays can be very special, they mark the passing of time and are something to look forward to. So we as a family pick out the things we like about certain holidays and make our own traditions. Easter is coming up this weekend, and while we don't do anything to major, we will be celebrating the coming of Spring complete with egg painting (and a few days later egg salad eating), baskets filled with sweet treats and a some outside fun (weather permitting, jeez Spring, didn't you get the memo?)

How amazing are these DIY painted eggs from fabulous site The Alison Show, I couldn't love them more! They totally remind me this season's Bobo Choses collection, which I'm also madly in love with.




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