wee wednesday with lindsay of darling clementine: sweet baby blankets

Wrap that baby up! In the best designs, knits and softest fabrics of course. Oh, and never under estimate the importance of a lovely print as a baby photo backdrop. 

Here are some of my favorite baby blankets (a few I'd love as a couch throw too!)

1. Dream Blanket in Medallion at Darling Clementine

*we have one on our couch as a throw to stay cozy on chilly nights

2. Tree Blanket from Fine Little Day

3. Ok, so this is not technically a blanket, but it is bedding, and it is pretty darn adorable Colette Bream

4. Cloud Blanket from BabyShop

5. Happy Harlequin & Little Remix Blankets by blanket at Darling Clementine

6. Uimi Indiana Blanket 

7. A DIY Blanket from Purl Bee

8. Donna Wilson Boat Blanket

9. DIY Stamp Blanket from This Little Miggy

10. Cross Blanket by Yarning Made

11. Cotton & Silk Blanket by Moon et Miel

12. Pink Stars by April Showers

Xx Lindsay

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