happy mother's day from b and lu's momma

i hated photographs...my entire adult life had consisted of running from photo ops. then i had b...and things changed. in any photo taken with my children i think i look beautiful. trust me, this is a big deal...self-esteem has never been my thing. i am beautiful because i am complete. i am at ease and most of all i am incredibly happy.

i no longer scrutinize every inch of my body; extra chins, rooty hair, less than perfect teeth, etc...why? because i am b and lu's mom and i love that person.

b and lu's mom is not perfect, but she is to them. there are no words for how thankful i am for these tiny people...the gift has been more epic than i could have imagined. i knew i would love them, but i had no idea that i could have loved them this much or that they could have turned this gal into someone who truly loves herself and finally after 30-some years has found exactly what she has been looking for.

thank you b and lu...your momma is so thankful.

to all the other mommas out there...happy mother's day.

xo mrs. french

and thank you miss tina for 2 of my favorite pics...a momma i am so proud to know.

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