wee wednesday (on a friday) with lindsay of darling clementine: Mama style

I strive to be a stylish Mama, one who doesn't completely give up to sweats, "comfy" shoes and my hair pulled back all the time. But being a Mama means sometimes having to forget yourself in order to get everyone out the door in the morning. I've recently started putting in a bit more effort, maybe it's because the sun has been shinning and the weather is a bit warmer, either way here's some inspiration for chic Mama style, baby bump, toting a toddler or just out for lunch with you girlfriends. Pssst... they'd make great Mother's Day gifts too, just sayin'

1. Pinafore Apron with Pockets

3. A jumpsuit by Alexander Wang, to be the cool Mama at the playground (who can bend over and not show too much)
5. My favorites year after year, I could walk for days in these Worishofers 
6. Baggu leather pouch, to keep loose change in for the Ice Cream truck 
7. Big enough to hold everything a Mama needs, cool enough to be used even when the kids aren't around 
8. Style Icon: Jane Birken pulls off effortlessly chic Mama style 
Xx see you next week! Lindsay