sarah phipps and her cottages

i love meeting friends through friends.  especially when the original friend is a beloved contributer on bliss and her friend is a talented designer that has renovated historical, yet forgotten cottages locally.

about a year ago jennifer introduced me to her friend sarah phipps.  We were at an outdoor concert, I had had a couple glasses of wine (shhhh...) and sarah was beyond modest about what she was in the process of completing.  our paths have crossed briefly throughout the year and jennifer always was more than willing to share what her friend sarah was up to and the progress she had been making.  then this past weekend sarah and I bumped into one another at a local bend favorite.  I had asked her to send me some pics and links pertaining to her cottage business and design work for a piece I am working on for a blog I am over the moon excited about.  That evening the email came and I have been in shock and my mouth has been agape ever since.

sarah has transformed these cottages by stripping away the unkindness years have brought: neglect, terrible remodels, and vandalism. shehas managed to honor them in a way that is truly remarkable.  she has added items and elements, both perfectly vintage, new or lovingly handmade.  most importantly, she has obviously given these cottages a tremendous amount of love.  

oh and the best part is that you can come to bend and stay in them.  get out!  i know!

In the meantime glimpse them here..."talent" is a funny word for someone like sarah...doesn't seem to do her justice.

the mill house


*insert drumroll please* after:

the sparrow house

the arrow house


absolutely lovely right?  so proud to share a town with this gal.

xo mrs. french

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