wee wednesday with lindsay of darling clementine: a fathers' love

As Father's Day is upon us, I find myself watching families all over the place, watching for the sweet ways Papa's lift up their little ones, hoist them on their shoulders and bring such joy to little faces. I watch as the Mamas look to them with pride, I know the feeling well myself... I have the most tender, caring, loyal & patient husband who is such a beautiful Father to our daughter Juliette. My own Father was the same way himself, he did have 4 girls to teach him patience, tenderness and years of drama to make him enjoy the little things in life... I'm a lucky girl

I hope all the Papa's out there enjoy their family this Father's Day, enjoy the sweet tender moments that make them the men they are, extra kisses from the littles at bedtime and handmade cards filled with the sweetest of scribbles.

Here are some sweet images to remind us all of what a special bond little ones have with the main man in their lives. 

1. Such a sweet image, full of tradition. via Kinfolk image by Parker Fitzgerald 

5. Peaceful found on Flickr
7. Peter Beard working on his diaries with his daugher Zara Photography by Alexandre Bailhach
9. I love how he's looking at his little one photo via Le Marché St. George

Happy Father's Day
See you next week!
Xx Lindsay