wee wednesday with lindsay of darling clementine: Etsy Finds | V.2

I love supporting small businesses, and Etsy is the best way I know how to find them, in abundance! I source brands for Darling Clementine from Etsy all the time, in fact, I'll be stocking a few in the coming weeks that I discovered on Etsy (I'll post on those soon!) Here's some new favorites to scoop right up! 

1. Constellation Leggings by Salt City Emporium


2. Nautical Stripe Bib by Down Home Amy 

3. Montessori Wood Baby Rattle by Quality Montessori

4. Little Cat Toy by Plato Squirrel 

5. Vintage Fisher Price School Bus 

6. Vintage Tea Cups 

7. Wood Apple Teather by Woodnyou

8. Colorful Bath Toy Boat by Mamamayl 

See you next week! 


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