hedgehouse throwbeds

you know how it is when you don't know you need something until you see it?  right now i can't believe i have gone as long as i have without a hedgehouse throwbed.  i can't believe i leave home without one neatly rolled up under my arm (perhaps one under each?).  

i simply can't imagine heading to the park, beach, or an outdoor concert without first tossing a lovely hedgehouse down/fiber throwbeds upon the unbearable hard, cold ground.

i also can't believe i don't have one or ten of these on my existing bed...i sense some serious princess and the pea tendencies...and who doesn't love that?!

the frenches maybe heading out this weekend to attempt their very first tent camping trip.....wait!  without a hedgehouse bed?  perhaps we should postpone.

xo mrs. french

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