MAVENHAUS and horns

sooooo...i am thinking you may have noticed that i love tooting the horns of other folks...i love sharing the talents and ablilities of others.  this has been nearly an effortless process for me because i always seem to find myself surrounded by the most talented people.  

i do, however, have a tough time tooting my own horn...that is, unless that horn is backed by a whole orchestra of horns!  i started a media company with my pr-genius-sister that focuses on bringing my very favorite power pinners/mavens together with my very favorite brands/talent...

it's called MAVENHAUS and i am incredibly giddy.

please, please take a peek at our mavens.  i guarantee you already probably love all of them.  i cannot express how crazy humbled i am by having the opportunity to work with these individuals.  their horns beg to be tooted.

another amazing contributer to this venture is alyson brown of unruly things.  alyson created our beautiful logo and she and her husband, levi, put together our stunning site.  yet again, i cannot believe how lucky i am to be able to work with such an amazing talent.

finally, i need to express my incredible joy for being able to partner with my sister, tara schlosser.  she is younger, but i feel as if i have spent my whole life looking up to her.  i once thought it was jealousy, but now realize it is pure admiration.  pinch me for real.

please check out the MAVENHAUS site and feel free to pass it on. 

xo mrs. french