suzanne dimma's cottage

this cottage is so incredibly familiar to me; i wish i felt this way because i woke up here every morning and spent time in each of these rooms...sadly, not so much.  instead, i believe the reason for this is that i am quite sure i have pinned every room from this particular cottage on my pinterest boards at one time or another...

you can imagine how thrilled i was to find all these perfect rooms together, under one roof, and in one of my very favorite magazines.

it is not a surprise at all, that this perfect cottage belongs to the editor-in-chief of this particular magazine, House & Home.

to me, this is exactly how a lake home should look and suzanne dimma and her husband got it completely right...

xo mrs. french

Photographer: Michael Graydon

Source: House & Home October 2011 issue

Designer: Architecture, design, project management, Arriz Hassam; builder, Michael Carty, Level Design Build; solar system, Sean Flanagan,Flanagan and Sun; structural engineer, Christopher Cucco,Blackwell Bowick Partnership.

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