wee wednesday with lindsay of darling clementine: A Childhood in The City

Every so often I come across an image that has me frantically Googling the image or photographer to find out if they have more images, usually my searches go nowhere as people often disregard proper captioning and linking. This time I got lucky and discovered Helen Levitt. Her photography is such a beautiful vision of childhood in New York City during the 40's. 

"Levitt's pictures report no unusual happenings; most of them show the games of children, the errands and conversations of the middle-aged, and the observant waiting of the old. What is remarkable about the photographs is that these immemorially routine acts of life, practiced everywhere and always, are revealed as being full of grace, drama, humor, pathos, and surprise, and also that they are filled with the qualities of art, as though the street were a stage, and its people were all actors and actresses, mimes, orators, and dancers." - via Atget Photography 

Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

*please click on photos to find the source.*



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