karyn lyons

i am completely in love with the work of karyn lyons.  her oil on canvas pieces featuring fruit ready to be picked have quickly become my favorites...

*Midnight at Your House, oil on canvas, 44x60”*

*After Sunset, oil on canvas, 44x60”*

the bokeh I am typically drawn to in photographs seems to show itself beautifully in these paintings.

karyn lyons is also an art director in the fashion industry; working with esteemed clients such as j.crew and ralph lauren.  In 2001 she decided to persue her passion and returned to school for graduate studies at the school of the museum of fine arts, Boston and I am so happy she did.

for those of you lucky enough to be in the san francisco area, do me a favore and pop on over to march (another favorite) to catch a glimpse of karyn's paintings up close.  they will be featured there through november 23rd.  i am hoping to stop by before they are gone...

have a beautiful weekend!

xo mrs. french

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