renovated farmhouse by studio viva veda

can a house be playful?  not "playful" in a cartoonish way, but "playful" in a beautiful, sophisticated way.  i don't think i have ever used that word to describe a home before...there's a first time for everything right?

dutch design studio viva vida created the most amazing space within the walls of this farmhouse.  it definitely has industrial elements, but is far from cold.  obviously, wood can bring a feeling of warmth to wide open space...the beams right!?  in this home artwork, stunning textiles, pops of color and truly loved bits and baubles only add to this warmth and feeling of home.

just when i think i have seen it all in the beautiful spaces i feature on bliss, a pleasant surprise like this unique gem comes my way...

i truly love what i do.

xo mrs. french

via turbulences déco

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