air kitchen by deVOL

having lived in older homes with beautiful and not so beautiful traditional kitchens, i often think a modern kitchen would be so nice.  however, in some cases, i think of modern as cold or sterile.  a conundrum?  no, not in the case of air kitchens by devol out of the uk.  

warm, sleek and stunning...that sounds about right...

seems the perfect backdrop for a beloved smeg, perfect ceramics, wire shelving and warm, cozy rugs.  

what inspired devol to create such a unique, clean space? "The Air Kitchen range is an exclusive retro contemporary kitchen inspired by innovative designs of the last century. Vintage automobile construction, the hulls of working boats and the iconic Airstream caravan; design classics which inspired this curved kitchen design of aluminium panels, polished rivets and futuristic push-to-open solid surface doors"...i see it and absolutely love it. 

xo mrs. french

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