wee wednesday with lindsay: DIY Dress up Edition

With Halloween coming up I've been on the hunt for a fun DIY costume I can make for Juliette. Well, after much back and forth discussion my 4 year old has won, won the store bought princess costume. I decided it wasn't a battle worth fighting this year and I'm letting her be whatever she wants. But that doesn't mean I can't share these amazing DIY and creative costumes. I tapped into 2 of my favorite DIY sources, Martha Stewart and Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day. Here are some favorites... what are your little ones going to be this year?

1. Photobooth Strip from Oh Happy Day 

2. Anna Wintour 

3. Snail from Oh Happy Day

4. Red Balloon Costume from Oh Happy Day

5. Spring Chicken via Martha Stewart

6. Lobster via Martha Stewart

Xx see you next week!