our common mug

sometimes it's the simplest things that catch my attention.  our common mug is perfectly simple.  who doesn't have vivid memories of the beloved string/tin can phone?  as tiny folks this seemed the perfect way to connect with our friends; i remember my sister and i using them to chat from bedroom to bedroom. now that we are grown and live 1/2 way across the country, our common mug seems the perfect way to connect in a completely unplugged way. a set of beautifully crafted mugs stamped with pretty little strings;  a beautiful grown-up alternative to cans and string.

ocm's creators, jarron and blaine have a story:

In graduate school, we were together every day doing all the stuff best friends do. Coffee, class, gym, dinner, study, laugh, Wii tennis, repeat. Until one day, life pulled us apart.

One of us drove across the country. The other flew west. Families started, jobs began, and the distance grew.

Two-thousand miles and two time zones made everything from finding a time to talk to finding an affordable flight nearly impossible. As we struggled to stay in touch, we longed for the everyday rituals we once had – like morning coffee.

Even though our daily routines were different – both now with babies and briefcases – we started each day with a cup of coffee.

That’s when it hit us…

What if instead of just coffee, it was the mug we had in common?

AND, what if that mug represented everything about the distance we disdained and the friendship we desired to deepen?

Like the length of a string that used to connect best friends between tin cans and tree houses, Our Common Mug has become the new piece of string that connects us between time zones.

makes me smile

xo mrs. french


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