pillows and a home built in the 70's

the mister often complains about the abundance of beautiful pillows around the french residence.  he now realizes after 15 years of marital bliss there is no point in objecting. this danish home is not helping his case.

this lovely home belongs to barbara hvit, cofounder of soft gallery, and family.

the frenches are in the early stages of looking for a home of their own...in other cities i have always been drawn to homes built in the 20's.  there is a shortage in our current tiny city, but there is an abundance of 70's homes.  which, i will admit, i poo-pooed in the beginning. i am beginning to have visions of what we could do with homes born the same decade as myself.  barbara's home makes this idea more of a happy dream.  lemonade from lemons right?  the best part is that i think i have the pillows covered!

xo mrs. french

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