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As I prepare for the arrival of my little boy, (3 months to go!!) I've begun some serious nesting, and with that comes redecorating! My 4 year old daughter will be sharing a room with this little man, so a shared space must incorporate both her taste and that of a little one as well. We'd like to make sure we keep Juliette's favorite things around while incorporating a new aesthetic. I've been pouring over inspiration photos of kids spaces (mainly on my Pinterest) and have to say, little spaces are so special to design and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spaces for you to be inspired.  

We can always change things around, even if we don't want to spend a lot of cash on new things, pull out some old favorites, tuck away some things you're not using, swap out photos/art in frames and add plants. Those are some of my favorite tips.

We're still figuring out exactly what we want to do in our little ones shared room, but you can be sure there will be gorgeous baskets to capture clutter & toys, muted tones to help balance out brightly color toys & stacks of books everywhere. What are your favorite things to decorate little spaces? I'd love your thoughts!

1. I adore this space for 2 little ones Courtney Adamo has created , via Design Mom 

 2. This rug, I mean! via Lay Baby Lay

3. That poster is on my wish list, room image via cush and nooks

4. I love how this room is gender neutral, via Apartment Therapy

5. The color of that dresser, yes. Via Apartment Therapy

6. Swing! Via houseandhome.com


7. Clean and simple, and the wall map is gorgeous too. Via houseandhome.com 

8. Native American themed, hmm taking note. Via The Coterie Blog

Xx Lindsay

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