wee wednesday with lindsay | wee Hanukkah gifts

With Hanukkah right around the corner, I thought I'd bring you some gift ideas. These can of course be used at Christmas as well, but the idea is that each one is affordable (you know, since there's 8 days of gift giving and all!). What are your favorite gifts to give to the littles at the holidays? Since Juliette is still young, we can get away with giving her things she actually needs (like new pj's & socks) since opening the present is half the fun. We've got a few fun surprises up our sleeve but we're sticking with as many activity toys as possible, think art supplies, dress up and imagination building things.  

1. Cutest handmade bunnies at Amelia Presents 

2. Vintage Pastels at Amelia Presents 

3. French Play Food at Darling Clementine 

4. Wax crayon blocks at Acorn Toy Shop 

5. This old truck (Dad will love this) at Land of Nod 

6. Handmade pear & apple soft toy at Darling Clementine


7. Happy together doll family at Land of Nod 

8. Wildlife Puzzle at Land of Nod 

Xx Lindsay