i have rules you know...rules for how i dress.  society does not impose these rules upon me, they come strictly from me.  when i am at a loss as to what to wear for a particular occasion or destination, i always go straight to black.  some folks consider it the easy way out, i consider it the perfectly classy alternative.  i headed straight to my beloved pinterest street board to prove my point...

i have something coming up on my horizon, that may call for my almost favorite hue.  you will be the first to can bet i have already been shopping for such occasion.

 helmut lang skeletal sweatervince yak-wool shawlall saints epea sweater, everlane silk blouse, mih ellsworth skinny jeans, zara trouserssprung fréres boxy overcoatwackerhaus cape

don't forget the accouterments...


tortilla girl infinity scarfcashmere gloves, clare vivier clutchfree people slouchy beanie, ld tuttle boots, emerson fry v heel

planning for the future...that's me!

xo mrs. french 

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