my uniform

oh my!  i have such an announcement...i can barely handle waiting.  i must.  i will.  i promise to put forth a hint sometime this weekend and the official announcement will be made monday.  in the mean time i feel as if it is time to share a huge part of myself with all of you...

my uniform...yes i love clothes; i pin, blog, tweet etc. all things fashion, but do i own most or pretty much all of what i put forth?  sadly, i do not.  however, i do have my favorites...pieces i go to over and over again and i love the fact that i get to share them with you today.  strangely enough, i do not buy clothes in bulk...i purchase key pieces that i plan on holding onto for a ridiculously long time.  yes...many times these items can be a bit pricey, but find that i spend less than i would if i would purchase many inexpensive items.

strangly, i feel incredibly exposed sharing...

1. i consider this my flare item (haha!).  seriously, i wear this cashmere scarf all the time, it's from calypso.  up close it is incredibly soft and is a very subtle animal print.  unfortunately, i do believe it is sold may be happy with this alternative

2. the pyrrha stag necklace-mr. french purchased this awhile back for me.  it means so much because he chose it based on the fact he believes the stag represents strength.  

3. cream/oatmeal fisherman sweater-i have a crop of them.  this one in particular is my favorite...nili lotan creates some of the most beautiful knits i have encountered.  yes, a bit pricey, but a forever item for sure.  yet again, this particular one is sold out, but this one is also amazing.

4. barbour-not much to say, a classic.

5. MiH ellsworth jean in hero black-dress them up, dress them down; perfectly stretchy and super flattering!

6. everlane silk-i kid you not, my very favorites.  i have stocked my closet with quite a few and constantly receive compliments.  my current favorite is the pointed collar in pine.

7. jook and nona cuff-this i my everyday piece...mine simply says, "b and lu."  i am a total sap, and having their sweet names around my wrist gives me a warm feeling 24/7.

8. nb 574s-make this uncool gal feel a teeny bit cool.

9. fiorentini+baker nena boots-speaking of splurge...yes, i know, but i saved and saved and bought them on a very pivotal birthday...that makes it ok right?

10. the balance boots by ld tuttle-my goin' out boots and relatively comfy for the heel height.  the best part is i was able to get them on clearance...a perk of spending way too much time online.

stay tuned...

have a stunning weekend.

xo mrs. french

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