wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine

It's 2014, it really is here, which for me means my little baby boy's arrival is imminent, he's due to arrive in early February! 

Our world of 3 is about to become 4, and as I've been warned by friends with multiple children, everything is about to change. Part of me feels sad, and guilty that we've decided to change our sweet little family but I know in my heart a sibling is the best gift we could be giving our family and though there will be bumpy times there will also be the best times. 

This post is for Juliette, who someday can read it and try to comprehend the love I have for her, try to comprehend the emotions that were running through me as our family was about to welcome a new addition, who would be so loved, but would never replace her.  

Her light, her joy, her bright eyes bring sunshine to my day, and moonlight to my nights. She constantly helps me see the world in different ways. She is so tender and yet so strong. She's the best of Kevin and I, both stubborn and utterly caring, headstrong and needy. I adore her fragility as much as I admire her strength. This little boy who will be here in a matter of weeks has no idea what a lucky little boy he is, to have Juliette to look after him. And me, I'll never stop looking after her. Oh here I go getting all teary...

Here are some of my favorite photos from this past year as she grew from baby to little girl before my eyes...




See you next week