wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | A Shared Space

While we wait patiently for baby's arrival, and as I waddle barefoot through the house I am working to make over Juliette's room into a room for her and baby boy. This is a bit of a struggle (ie jigsaw puzzle) since we live in Brooklyn, NY and space isn't abundant. We've had to be very clever in our redesign in order to keep the space still feeling like us, while allowing baby to have his space too, all the while keeping Juliette's interests in the forefront. 

Here are some pieces we've picked up to help transform the room into a space both little one can enjoy:

1. Gender neutral storage baskets will help keep Juliette's toys at bay while also helping to organize baby boy's laundry. By Serena and Lily 


2. Leather bookends, both childlike and also quite grown up


3. Ferm Living Cloud Wall Stickers

4. Bean Bags by Bla Bla in gorgeous grey

5. Animal Print Shop, particularly this darling deer

6. Baby Acapulco Chair 

7. Felt fruit for both little ones to enjoy  

See you next week! 

Xx Lindsay