zara images

a picture is worth a thousand the case of the images on zara,"a picture is worth a thousand (of my) dollars..." 

ok, not really...but it feels that way.  each time i look at the perfectly placed model, with just the right wisp of hair out of place or hands in pocket...or the way the clothing is styled just right i want it all.  

my day to day revolves around putting effort into presenting the effortless.  zara has it down.  the newest additions and photos have me filling my cart again and again.

due to my unconventional career choice i am hyper-aware of the power of a photograph.  i can love or hate the same sweater based on it's presentation.  which is why i have to give props to zara...rarely do i find a sight that is simply perfect when i do, it only seems fitting i have to share.

xo mrs. french

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