a peek inside the ace nyc

in case i haven't made it abundantly clear, my trip to New York City was nothing short of dreamy.  it's funny how often times we can build up things in our heads, imagining them to be on a grander scale than what they truly are.  in the case of nyc i felt the complete opposite.  i knew it would be wonderful, but i had no idea that it would be that wonderful.  after only 3 nights i miss it.  

one of the main reasons for this new love affair has to be my stay at the ace hotel.  such a perfect home away from home.  the warmth of leather, soft lighting, and groovy music contributed to this welcome feeling...but the staff went above and beyond.  each person i came into contact with was genuinely friendly and helpful.  i joked that i could have spent every second in the lobby and would have felt completely satisfied.  

i have spent my time back in oregon planning a trip back to my new favorite city...in each of these scenarios i am staying at the ace.

xo mrs. french