keri russell's impeccable style

as a woman that is certainly beyond her 20's you would think that i would have figured out the image that i would hope to put forth into the world.  funny thing is, my so-called image at this point mainly consists of pjs and stretchy gym clothes.  i have now decided at this point the best way to hone in on what i want to wear and how i want to present myself is by finding gals that i look at and think "this is the look i want!"  we all have gals we look up to style-wise;  for me, today, that someone is keri russell.  i have been a fan since the felicity days, and now i am a fan because she seems as if she has come into her own beautifully...

comfy, chic, and beautiful.  i can get behind that.  

have a lovely weekend!

this slideshow via elle inspired this post...thank you emma for leading me there!

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