montagne alternative

it's funny how i am gearing up for the trip of a lifetime to the big citay...yet i am still dreaming of a little cabin on a mountain.  of course, this particular cabin dream consists of a collection of swiss chalets transformed from barns.  i challenge you not to have the same dream!

ludvic orts became smitten with an abandoned village in switzerland; building by building, the restoration began.  little masterpieces ready to be rented to outdoor lovers on holiday...that so could be me.


that was supposed to be it...then i stumbled into the actual website for these glorious rentals and i am afraid this little post may have to triple in size...

you're welcome. :)

montagne alternative:


when can we leave, right?

xo mrs. french

orignal post from marie claire maison

postscript pics taken from montagne alternative

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