steven alan fall 2014 women's presentation at nyfw. i was there.

i am here.  new york may have swallowed me up in the most wonderful way.  i feel like i have so much to share that there is no way i could possibly tell you everything i had intended to. i think the best place to start is to share my very favorite moment.  steven alan has always had my heart; i keep going back.  you can imagine my thoughts when the lovely ladies from refinery29 informed me that this was a show i would be attending.  i had never been to a show of this magnitude and had no idea what to expect.  nerves had kicked in, my heart was thumping out of my chest...then beautiful girls stepped out in the most gorgeous clothing and accessories.  a calm came over me and i felt nothing other than i was exactly where i should be.  i couldn't help but shoot at least a million photographs...

a few of my favorites from the steven alan fall 2014 women's presentation: 

the tousled hair, fresh faces, shades of grey and perfect navy, beautiful drape and gold just-right accents were enough to put me over the edge.

there are moments in life that are so wonderful that pinching oneself could never be enough...i had a moment where i simply wanted to sit down and recount every step that had led me to this point.  a series of events that led up to this place, which had me believing that i had done something so completely right.

there is more...i promise.

xo mrs. french

p.s. check out my instagram for oh so much more: blissblog and stop by steven's blog for a wonderful behind the scenes look.


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