blissful pinners | casey zhang & nessa

i spend a lot of time on pinterest and i am lucky enough to have many, many wonderful followers. i am also incredibly lucky to have been on this magical platform since the very beginning. i have been able to really perfect my dashboard by following pinners that meet my aesthetic perfectly or tap into hidden parts of it that i have yet to discover. regardless, when i head over to pinterest i know that i will always be inspired...all because i am a fan and know exactly who i should be following.

often times i am asked who to follow. which is why this new feature on my blog seems so effortless. i am here to help! it is absolutely my pleasure to present my favorites! one or two that i absolutely love and count on to guide me to the perfect what's-next...

casey zhang's tomboy board is ridiculously beautiful. the red lipstick puts me clear over the moon! 

other boards i of casey's i choose to follow: 


little boxes


i love sparkle.  which is why nessa's style board is an obvious choice for me...effortless and completely glamorous.  

plenty of others to follow: 




i would love to know if there is someone you you think i should be following...which pinner is your favorite?

xo mrs. french

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