blissful spring (almost) essentials

as you can tell around here, i have begun to assemble my spring-time wardrobe.  of course, this does not mean that i will be purchasing a whole new wardrobe, but i do intent to purchase a few special pieces to make me feel all spanking new and snazzy.  

these are the front runners at the moment...

1. the perfect maxi

2. anything ace & jig

3. so in love with lace tops and jeans

4. this ulla johnson dress with stitching appeals to my inner boho

5. the perfect pair of black slides

6. cropped jeans i would be happy to wear everyday

7. the most wonderful throw-on cotton cardigan

8. a funnle neck sweatshirt for cool evenings

9. i still need a spring trench, this opera coat could do nicely

pssst...i do hate to be greedy...but, i do so want it all...

what are you craving this spring?

xo mrs. french