i heart monday. | compiled by Tara

Mrs. French’s sister, Tara, here. “I heart” has always been my favorite part of my wonderful sis’s blog and I’m beyond excited to get to share my very own “I heart” list!

Spring is FINALLY in the air and I find myself more and more inspired by color as the weather gets warmer. Bright colors are great reminders that there will always be an end to the gray and gloomy.  I hope you enjoy these goodies as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!

i heart this top, backpackbracelet and these trainers.

i heart top, silk tee, teapotpillow and these pants.

I heart this chair, sweaterblanket, these shoes, and this jacket.

I heart these candleholders, this rucksack, clock, and ring

I heart this dresscollar, pot, and laptop case..

I heart this dress, these earrings, this bracelet, and boot.



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