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I'm a city girl, and I'm raising 2 little ones in a teeny space in Brooklyn, but that doesn't mean their imaginations are suffering. We don't need a private back yard to have adventures. Right around the corner from us are playgrounds & parks that we basically move into during Spring, Summer & Fall. And right in my Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint is the gorgeous light filled studio of Wovenplay. It is here they create their children's line.  

Their focus is children's play costumes made from silk, bright cottons, hand printing & hand made trims to spark the imagination. 

They create everyday wear as well as costume pieces. Think gorgeous tights, feather crowns, and costumes for ballerinas, cowboys and voyagers. They call it "creative couture for the everyday artist and adventurer". I love that. 

Hope Wovenplay inspires the creativity in you & your little ones! 

See you next week!

Xx Lindsay

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