20 Spring/Summer EveryDay Essentials

i have partnered with American Express to bring you their newest product geared towards the everyday, multi-tasking momma. you may have seen the commercials and loved them! why? because one of my favorites, Tina Fey, is the spokeswoman.

i have done my best to stay away from little pieces of plastic as of late. however, this one, i can get behind. The Amex Everyday Credit Card rewards me for the everyday moments...double rewards at grocery stores! aaaaand 20% more points when you hit your magical 20 swipes per month.

i decided to have a little fun with this idea of 20. you all know i have a thing for lists...many times these lists contain in-my-dreams items. this list represents my EveryDay essentials. Items i go to again and again; items i own, love or plan on purchasing soon. spring/summer picks i simply adore. 

mrs.french's uniform...

12, 345, 6, 78, 9, 10
the icing...
123, 4567, 8, 910

fun right?

i look forward to bringing you more lists that help me celebrate everyday moments; nothing too snazzy...tried, true and just right.

xo mrs.french


disclaimer: I am an American Express card member and an Amex EveryDay Moms Ambassador.