IMG_4659_1024x1024 dara is a new favorite. rather going into a long over-written soliloquy of why this is i will take a bit of text straight from dara:

The Art of Craft. The distinctive impression of the human hand.

Beautiful Design. Original, evocative, inspiring, transformative.

Ancient Roots and Modern Soul. Preserving heritage while fostering its progress.

Exploration and Discovery. In designs and experiences that are transporting.

Storytelling. In craft as a repository of personal and cultural narratives. Rich material handed down for generations.

Empowerment. Nurturing dignity, pride and humanity at every level. Creating economic value in a way that also creates social value.

Unity. Erasing borders to foster artisan collaborations. Connecting individual artisans to individual shoppers.

right? oh my!

not to mention, i love absolutely everything on dara's site and i do believe you will too...

Tensira2_e5c71bcc-366d-4380-a94e-0324e0b964ce_1024x1024 Home-Textiles_1024x1024 140725shot05049AS_1024x1024 Home-Decor_1024x1024 darasomething about a shop that does it so, so right...from message, to aesthetic, to just purely beautiful items. dara is one those reasons i completely adore what i do.

xo mrs. french