move i take my workout garb very seriously. why? because this is what i live in. i have some snazzy outfits for evenings or weekends, but my day-to-day consists of gym typical used to be old dingy sweats and tees, but then realized that since i spend about 90% of my time decked out in sweats i should invest in pieces that make me look a less frumpy...snazzy sweats! since my big aha! moment some of my favorite wardrobe pieces now come from my workout drawers.

i am thinking i may need to add a few extras from the newish move line from alternative. i love the simple silhouettes with surprising details, the not so typical color palette and prints, and simply that each item appears to be so soft.

perhaps the greatest advantage is that move alternative adheres to the same quality and responsible manufacturing practices alternative apparel is known for.

Alternative moves through the world in a different way.

Creating clothes people want to wear every day, Alternative is more than just apparel.

Focused on fabric innovation and partnering with those who are out to reshape the way we live, Alternative is part of a growing movement of doers and disruptors connected through purpose, compelled by the future and grounded in social responsibility.

the real question is why i don't shop alternative more often?

xo mrs. french