a danish apartment

b009e7593d9c2a20c82bae74efba7a49 208dbe1a5a1d80964408b35c51458401-1 e46b9f30ddd199c4a86486fb7719c602 8ba9ed49b0059ff1a7db9953c96a07e5 ebe629d9de5f79ca270db15081b19a4c-1 b571acc4b54d7a5563d3f6997ac518fa f13a3dad8e89bfaf493d028fa9d0e2d4 this danish apartment is just right; just the right amount of colors, washed out wood floors, and of course, white. however, the stunning art from room to room, shutters and french doors may just put me over the edge.

xo mrs. french

via homelife

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