doable fall street style

ebay fall 5i spend a ridiculous amount of time perusing street style looks. i, often times, joke that by doing so i am hoping some of the effortless type fashion sense will somehow rub off on me. Of course this never happens and often times I walk away feeling like it's hopeless...

then i began to realize it is, yet again, all about breaking it down. There are so many of my favorite looks i can come close to making my own. perhaps one of the best, most economical ways of doing this is by searching each beautiful item on ebay. i decided to give it a go on bliss. i took four of my all time favorite looks and pieced them together here and in an easy to follow guide on ebay. ebay fall 6 ebay fall 7 ebay fall 8had it not been for my ebay collaboration, i wouldn't have thought it possible. i love it when things like this happen don't you?

xo mrs. french

the original beautiful street styles can be found here:

the satorialist

pandora sykes

source unknown, but pluck it from a pin here

stye snooper dan