joanna logue

5_road-to-brewongle-oil-on-linen-122-x-183cm-2010 i gasped today...perusing as always i came across the painting you see above. it took my breath away. side note: often times i feel as if folks are too dramatic in their statements. i am guilty...but today, i truly did lose my breath.

australian artist joanna logue is responsible for all of this dreamy real-life drama.

5_essington-field-i-2010-oil-on-linen-122-x-183cm 5_essington-paddock-study-oil-on-canvas-31-x-41cm-2010 5_window-ii-2010-138-x-198cm-oil-on-linen-web-1 5_essington---paddock-ii-2010-oil-on-linen-61-x-81cm 5_essington---window-1-oil-on-linen-137-x-198cm--2010 5_window-iv-2010-oil-on-linen-122-x-183cm 5_essington-window-iv-oil-on-linen-122-x-180cm-2010anything but ordinary landscapes, each oil on linen painting reminds me of squinting and looking towards the horizon or peering through a foggy window.

such a stunning way to start a beautiful autumn weekend, don't you agree?

xo mrs. french