i can't keep a secret...

heavenmcarthur-photography-MH-collection-1-166-highRes copy hi friends, as you know i have been dropping more than a few hints here and there. what is this mavenhaus collective about anyway? in short, it is an evolution i have found myself going through on so many levels. i think much of where this is all coming from was spurred by a big old birthday i had a year ago and the time that lead up to that birthday. the past few years has been a bit chaotic round these parts, but i found myself changing in all the best ways. due to 3, coming on 4 moves in 3 years the less is more way of thinking has become a must. i find something so invigorating in paring back and leaving only my favorites behind. yes, i have fewer bits, baubles, trinkets, knickknacks and such, but with that a new found appreciation for what is left.

this shift has applied to my closet as well. actually, more than anywhere else my closet has benefited from getting rid of the impulse and cherishing the well made and beautiful. i no longer purchase an item because it is simply on sale or particularly trendy at the moment. i have gotten away from filling racks and drawers and have moved towards living only with my favorites. when i walk into my closed, it isn't nearly as full, but i am getting close to loving it all. yes, i spend more on one particularly special piece, but end up spending less in the long run because i no longer feel compelled to fill.

hence mavenhaus collective. a way shopping that is based on the "forever item" concept. i am starting an online boutique with my very favorite people. i am working side by side with my sister tara to fill our site with beautiful favorites. we are working with designers i have been following and loving year after year to create unique items you can only find on mavenhaus collective. we present these items to you and you decide whether they actually become a reality. if enough of you say "yes" the item goes into production. which eliminates impulse and gives you something you will cherish year after year; also giving you an item that you will not be bumping into time and time again out and about because there are only a few out there.

i am absolutely dying to share our muses/designers and throw all of the pieces on your lap now, but we need to save something for the big launch right? in the mean time a few details...






heavenmcarthur-mh-collection-2-product-0187 copy+logo

also please feel more than free to pop into mavenhaus collective to get on our little list. you will get to see everything just a bit before everyone else...and who doesn't love early access?

so mrs. french