The Juju App: a beautiful way to say "thank you."

juju collage 11:21 hi, hi friends...a few weeks back i introduced many of you to a new collaboration. the juju app: a seriously beautiful art "mashup." a place for the most beautiful artwork by the most talented artists. juju is also a place created to support these artists through packs of perfection. which is where my collaboration comes in; i happily created a few packs of my own showcasing a few of my favorites. if you were to purchase a pack those artists would happily benefit.

sadly, i have never been on top of the thank you note. which is why the juju app has proved to be perfect for a gal like me. i love creating a beautiful thank you, using stunning artwork, and simply texting it to my intended. a lovely way to show those close to me that i am thinking of them...

xo mrs. french

artists featured in this juju:

suzanne rothmeyer

tyler roemer

benjamin kizer

linda diteman

screech owl designs