Friday Pins

tumblr_mgjk94sNWk1s0umr8o1_1280oh my...snowflakes in hair and snuggled in an afghan...inspiration overload. *source*

my beloved pinterest has been beyond inspirational as of late...i decided to pull a few of my favorites from the past week. i do love to see them sitting next to one another on this blog of mine.


this kitchen really is perfect...the black island with the marble top is exquisite. *source*

Elle-France-March-2014.3there is something so inspiring about denim and indigo...the furrowed brow is a bonus. *source*

4d3e15da758227ed9ca8a6c59779be31this beautiful mirror has me over the traditional framed floor mirror...round and on a beautiful stand is my current choice. *source*

mac-dangerous-3-lsa7ve63d4sildp7psp46juowgvknktw9j1ue5w4u8red lips and wavy hair...enough said. *source*

Interview-Nicci-Green-of-Articolo-Yellowtrace-02i want 2 of these sconces on every wall. *source*

ead2f7c3cab76021f2a2e89b29a5f884blurry twinkles this time of year never get old. *source*

i hope you all have an amazing weekend.

xo mrs. french